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Best Poster and Oral Presenter

The Best Poster and Oral Presenter



Full Paper Deadline (Extended): November 11, 2016




Important Dates
Abstract submission Deadline:

September 26, 2016 (extended)

Notification of Acceptance:

October 7, 2016
Full Paper Deadline:
October 31, 2016
Full Paper Deadline (Extended):
November 11, 2016

November 11, 2016


All conference papers will be published in Medical Journal of Indonesia (SCOPUS index).





IMERI is established to respond emerging health issues in global society.  IMERI integrates multidisciplinary medical subjects and proposes the following value prepositions: cutting edge medical science & technology, academic ambience, excellence and society impact.

IMERI is the first Indonesian’s institute of medical education and research with a vision of Leading disruptive innovation in medical education & research for better healthcare and quality of life.

IMERI interfaces cutting-edge high throughput science & technologies with pioneering education and research programs relevant to current medical needs in human diseases. Furthermore, IMERI will:

  • integrate with healthcare services aimed at developing novel approach;
  • differentiate itself through unique collaborations of highly competitive academic research and advanced medical sciences & technologies
  • provide science and technology resources that will contribute to the emerging needs of medical research programs through an open access collaboration program;
  • implement community relations and outreach programs such as via medical museum and medical technology program
  • organize conference, training and workshop for all stakeholders in medicine with a highly quality of academic ambience.

IMERI is expected to be self-supporting institution after three years of its launch, and will generate revenue from grant support, licensing, sponsored education & research agreements, laboratory services, and profit of conference, training and workshop. At the end, IMERI is hoped to financially support programs of FK-UI.

To achieve its vision, IMERI has three milestones:

  1. 2016-2017 : Organizational establishment
  2. 2018-2019 : Organizational enhancement
  3. 2020-2021 : Organizational performance acceleration

IMERI has the following performance projection in 2021:

  • A total research grant of more than Rp. 76 Billion
  • International Publication of about 700 articles per year
  • 50 Copyright (and paten) per year
  • 7 National policy
  • Service/product included: laboratory diagnostic, clinical research service, animal research service, healthy nutrition service, anti-virus, micro-capiller digital, clinical anatormy service and occupational health & environmental service.


HLA WORKSHOP (IDI accredited: 15 SKP)

HLA Workshop1

FKUI presents you, a one day pre-conference Course. How we treat the patients: HLA & Genetic Based Diagnostic. it’s all about HLA and genetic. be the one of the participant to join the LIVE DEMO of HLA Typing with Next Generation Sequencing.

Let’s learn from the expert.

Dear you curious scientists, we are waiting for you. 

Please kindly click here to make an online registration